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In Short- We need the download on you, hear about what makes you, you. We want to get to know you a bit, the setting your event takes place, the feeling you want to evoke. It’s a vital part of our storytelling process so we can create the set, setting, and narrative of your design. Our goal is to gather layers of detail in order to paint a one-of-a-kind event for you. Think of us as your flower fairy godmother!


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Our booking process is quite simple. After we collect everything we need to send you a quick estimate, you will receive your Floral Design Proposal giving you a peek into what it would look like working with us. If you are on board and move forward in booking our services, we will expand the proposed concepts with a developed Design Deck. Our style and process of producing meaningful events makes for incredibly unique moments that won't go unnoticed.


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Design production is next. Now that we are officially on your production team, we can start working our magic gathering the design elements that share your story. We source layers of textures, vases, candles, and flowers to bring you a full scale Mock up - a meeting where we see your design boards come to life. After we get your final feedback at mock up, it’s production mode for us - this is where we buckle down and create and facilitate the details we dreamed up to make your event a true reflection of you!



In order to give each client the greatness attention to detail, we accept a limited number of weddings per year. Investment for weddings begins at $7,000. We create custom floral design proposals tailored to your needs and vision.

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-Lisa L

" Lavenders brought my vision to life in a way i never dreamt possible"

- Briona O

" Janelle has impeccable taste and using her was the best decision we made for our wedding." 


With Janelle, you don’t have to be afraid to dream the impossible dream, because she turns dreams into reality.

-Kristen E

"Whenever I show someone my wedding pictures the first thing they say is how amazing the flowers are."


"Janelle has an obvious talent and clear gift to frame a couple's most memorable day with the world's most beautiful flowers."


"She is more than a florist, she's an artist, and she treats each aspect of the wedding with the care and delicacy. "


" She is bold and creative and it shows through her work. she is also so kind, helpful, and really really easy to work with. "


"Her eye for colors, textures, is unlike anything I've ever seen before. She took myshit show of a Pinterest board and turned it into a dreamy, lush, focused reality. "